Manchester Mistress Sessions with Mistress Electra

Manchester Mistress Sessions

Manchester Mistress Sessions

At all times when you are serving me during a Manchester Mistress Session you WILL address me as Mistress or Mistress Electra, fail to do so and the punishment will be swift and very painful, make the same mistake again and I will start to get serious about ensuring your concentration.

I enjoy a vast array of fetishes, way to many to list here, though I do particularly enjoy CP in all its forms, mild to severe and every step in between. Kidnapping gives me a rush, the plotting, the planning, the adrenalin leading up to the actual grabbing of the victim, hearing the begging for mercy and escape as I torture and interrogate the victim to make them reveal the information I require.

Tie and Tease gives Me the chance to reveal My more sensual side, I love the effect my thigh booted legs have on a slave as I strut slowly round the Dungeon, pausing to select a piece of equipment to torment the slave with, hearing the breathing increase as I approach them slowly with a devious mischievous grin on My face. Just getting close enough so u can feel my breath on your face,as I tease you and whisper in your ear playing with your mind and all your senses. i will leave you begging for release. but be aware  your release will only be allowed when i decide the time is right

Your time during a session with your Manchester Mistress Electra can cover most aspects of bdsm.

Fell free to call and ask me if your interests are not listed. I may consider them !